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  This site may or may not contain the following; Please be advised of:

  • Not Safe For Work content.
  • Mature Content, not recommended for younger readers
  • Homosexuality (Or "yaoi") of a mature, but non-pornographic nature
  • Heterosexuality of a mature, but non-pornographic nature
  • Religion, both in positive and negative lights
  • Lack of religion/belief/faith
  • Drug Use/Abuse
  • Esoteric Concepts


  Also: As of December 28th, 1984, resulting from a lawsuit on November 23erd, 1987 (State of Virginia vs. the Hallowed Capriccio Sect), all those must be informed that exposer to the information within has been known to cause any and all of the following:

  • Severe nausea
  • Stomach cramping/bleeding
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Headaches
  • Monthly periods (Only in women)
  • Nocturnal emissions
  • Getting haunted
  • Abduction by unknown beings of unknown origin in an unidentifiable flying object
  • Illumination; An overwhelming, sudden understand of everything of all existence. Reactions can vary from increased happiness, intelligence, and sudden changes in life and attitude, to the most reported symptom (99% of cases*), complete, incurable insanity.

*= We think that's right. That's right, isn't it? Someone should look that up.


  If ​any of the above offends you​, please do not enter this site, or contact anyone associated with it.  Readers who are intolerant to any or all of the concepts above ​will be offended​ if they chose to enter; For everyone's peace of mind, we recommend you leave to find another online manga that will not offend you.  For those who continue on despite being offended by the above, please know that any and all rude e-mails from such readers will be posted, publicly, along with their e-mail address, to discourage future contacts by readers who've chosen to ignore the above with the express purpose of harassing those who work on the site or manga.  This manga is ​not​ for everyone, and we ask you to use your own discretion before entering.


  If the above ​does not offend you​, you're probably going to like the manga.  Either way, please be aware that this site is full of ​mature content​, so read at your own discretion.


  Additionally, some content--not related to the manga--requires a free account to read or access.  This is because some of this content is more sensitive, or mature, than most.  Those with a very special account ("Super") can read manga pages ahead​ of the normal Monday-Wednesday-Friday updates.  All this said, you ​do not need an account to read the manga​; Accounts are only​ needed to read additional, but non-manga-related material (Such as short stories), and to read ahead​ of the update pattern.  All updates--and pages released during them--are free and open for anyone, account or not, to read.  ​You do not need an account to read the manga or it's archives.


  The content inside is mature and is not acceptable for viewers under 18, 21 in some states or countries, based on their local laws.  By entering, you agree that you acknowledge these laws and agree to obey them.


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