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Ask the Characters

  Have you ever wanted to ask any of the current cast a question directly?  Have you ever wanted to talk to Julian, Ezra, Hollow, Maria, or Maurice?  Maybe you just want to say hi, maybe you have a burning question, maybe you want to give them your opinion, or tell them off!  In any event. . .now you can!

  Ask the Characters!

  The Ask the Characters page is set up on Tumblr; You do not need an account, or to be logged in, to send a question.  There's a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Always be sure to address who the question is for; Yes, you can ask the whole cast, just a select few, or just a specific person--but you need to state this in the beginning!
  2. No questions will be answered that ask about spoilers, future events to the manga, or are about events the characters are not yet aware of.  Please do not try asking them this stuff--they'll either get confused or ignore your question, and they don't want to ignore you!

  If you understand that much, you can Ask Them Anything!


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