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Eternity Concepts; Act 1: Midnight Suicide


  Ezra is sort of a secret romantic.  Julian is a bad secret romantic!


  A lot of the characters represent mental illness and their states show the effects their reactions had; Some got help, others didn't and suffer still, and some, despite never getting full help, have simply moved on, emotionally, are are no longer troubled by it.  I did this to sort of show how people react differently to the same problem, and that not addressing it, for some, causes worse problems.  As someone who knows a lot of people who went through troubling things, I was surprised that some refused to get help and, later, didn't seem to suffer a long-term impact from these events; They are the lucky ones.

  Most of us have problems and getting help for them isn't a bad thing.  In fact, we all​ have emotional problems and issues.  Like in the manga, and in life, it comes down to those willing to deal with them, those not, and those who didn't but still overcame them.  Yes; Someone in this manga did not​ seek the help they needed and remains traumatized to current day; Can you guess who and what happened?


  At the same time, some of these reasons is probably why the Church exists--as a form of therapy--and are why, yes, some people enter the clergy; Perhaps their husband or wife has passed on, and the church offers the sort of love they want---not the love of one person​, but God's love, which is, most will agree, platonic--and these people are very happy in their station.  Others join for a variety of reasons and, yes, are very happy being in the church (Whatever church it may be), and have no secret desire to leave.


  Others, like Julian, are what people call Cradle Catholics; Raised into the Catholic Church from infancy.  This has a lot of bad effects on a person, and if this person were to enter, say, the priesthood, and had been raised to do so from a young age, it stands to reason they missed out on a great deal of ​normal non-secular life experiences.  The greatest effect is a stunted psycho-sexual development; Kids in Catholic schools are separated by gender after middle school, so many of these Cradle Catholics who go on to become priests, so very young, have no real experience dealing with the opposite sex.  That said, many have a deep, secret desire to find love--and not God's love, but a non-platonic love from another human being.

  It's no surprise the Catholic Church does not encourage priests to spend much time around women--and while I'd meant to go interview priests for the script, I realized I could not without putting them in an awkward situation.  I opted to stick to research provided by priests online.  Thankfully, there are many, as sad as it is, relationships that bloom between a priest and someone else tend to end in tears, and several support network sites exist for both persons, some of whom even lose faith as a result.

  What was surprising, though, is how many of these support groups also mentioned men who'd fallen in love with priests; Odd, considering the church's stance on homosexuality, and pretty cool, considering none of these sites condemned them for it.  However, the Church doesn't own or operate any of these sites; Mainly, former priests do.


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