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Eternity Concepts; Act 1: Midnight Suicide


  Again, a warning; Suicide and depression are very serious, very real illnesses and problems that are not cute, romantic, sweet, or endearing.  Being depressed or suicidal is a serious problem that, while your friends and family need to be aware you have, you may need to seek medical help to overcome; There is no shame​ in getting the help you need.  Please, if you're feeling this way; Seek help--a doctor, a friend, a family member, someone at work--and seek help from as many sources as you can as quickly as you can​ before your depression gets worse.  Depression is considered the most common mental illness, but, if you ask me (Xexilia), as someone who had it and went through these things, I honestly consider it part of the human condition; We all get depressed at times and, sometimes, we get and stay depressed too long.   So long we grow comfortable in it and hate anyone who tries to yank it away.

  Don't keep yourself miserable; Seek out the help of a professional therapist if you're having these, any, or other problems, emotionally, that is troubling yourself or others.


  Our society today still has a lot of stigma towards the mentally ill, despite very, very few people in this world truly having never met someone with said illness; This can make it difficult for others to get the help they need ​when they need it​.  If you know someone who may need help, who is mentally ill, etc., please let them know they have your support and encouragement with seeking help for their condition; This can make the world of difference to someone too scared to seek out a therapist for a lot of the stigma attached to people who do--"Only crazy people go to a therapist", "If I go, that means I'm insane", "People will assume I'm sick", etc.--and very often one, single person voicing support ​can​ get someone to go.  I've been that someone.



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