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  These quotes are all either hilarious or intelligent remarks I've had the pleasure of hearing people say.  Sometimes, people say things to me that I find so damn funny, I have to write it down for later.  


 For the record, the below quotes are meant to be seen as All In Good Fun.  None of the remarks below should encourage you to think this is a reflection of someone under serious light or as a whole; Sometimes, people just say weird things--weird even for them.


"It's 6:45 in the morning. It's too early to be talkin' about chopping off dicks with you."

--Xexilia's little brother, age 25, after an early morning discussion on the differences between castration and a eunuch.


"I had a pinata on my birthday once."  --  Zea

"Are you Mexican?"  --Tony

"No. . .but. . .I did it anyway, 'cause, this is America."  --Zea

Quote from during a conversation with Tony, who is Mexican, with Zea, who is not, about pinatas.  Zea meant this remark in sarcasm, please don't send him accusatory hate mail about it.



"When it comes to food, I'm as redneck as they come. Except roadkill. . .I don't eat roadkill. . ."  --Zea

"Guess he doesn't like the taste of rubber."  --Saya
"Oh snap! I see what you did there!"  --Gem
"I hope it doesn't snap. . ."  --Saya


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