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Idea/Concept: Zea Webb

Artist: Varies

Writer: Varies

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About story

  So, a bunch of fellow artists and I hang out in a chatroom.  From there, we started hanging out together on Google Hangout.  One day, I came into the Hangout and Zea was purposing an idea; A manga where we all draw a page, using ourselves as the cast.  There would be no writing, no planning--just sheer insanity.

  I immediately jumped on the idea, especially as I'd had one close to it some months before, but didn't purpose it to the right people.  My own idea was slightly different--which was we'd all draw just one panel of a comic strip and pass it between two artists, to see what kind of random conclusions we created.  No one was much interested in it.

  But Zea's idea was different, and much better--and everyone immediately set to work.


Xexilia's Page(s) for story

Page 4

About This Page

  The other artists had drawn a space ship, some people on it, and then, suddenly, a bomb hitting the ship.  Then it was my turn.  I decided that, because of how explosives function, I'd merely make the bomb explode with spiders instead of shrapnel.

  I also just wanted to sneak a cheap dick joke in there.  I did both; And I'm pretty proud of it.  


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