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Idea/Conception: Xexilia Zajac

Writer: Xexilia Zajac

Read it Here Warning: This novel contains spoilers to events in Eternity Concepts


About Nameless

  Nameless is the sequel-preqeual to Eternity Concepts, focusing solely on the character of Ezra and his life prior to ever joining the church.  Care must be exercised when reading the work, as not only does it contain spoilers for events in Eternity Concepts, but like Eternity Concepts, the tale is also a mystery.  Like any mystery novel, things are not always as they seem.


  I began working on Ezra as a character back in early 2000, creating him for a 900 page book that, after 900 pages, I realized was trash.  I scrapped the whole idea--including Ezra's original "origin" story--and forgot it about it for about six years.


  Later, when I sat down to finally begin scripting Eternity Concepts, I realized Julian needed a friend.  Without one, he was even lonlier than before--and it gave Julian even less reason to hold off on his plans for suicide in the beginning of the work.  For Julian to hang in there, for him to be more normal, he needed at least a single, solitary friend.

  That's when Ezra instantly sprang to mind, with the new backstory I'd been toying with since I originally scrapped his novel.  It was a hard story to swallow--and a harder one to reveal.  But I decided to take the risk and add Ezra, past and all.

  Without Ezra, Julian would be far more lonlely--and I felt that older readers would see his lack of any friends as a red flag.  As adults, we begin to realize that the people no one talks to, no one is friend's with?  Isn't always the result of cruel, pointless bullying--but, as an adult, is often the result of real, serious underlying psychological issues.  While in middle school, a kid left without any peers is often just isolated out of cruelity--this doesn't carry over much into the adult world.  As adults, we tend to avoid other adults who set off red flags and ring alarm bells--and isolated, friendless adults?  Are such.


  Ezra quickly became not only the comedy relief, but also a fan-favorite of most readers; So I finally decided to pen his tragic backstory, which is only finally concluded in Eternity Concepts itself.


  This novel is unfinished and may change.


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