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Welcome to My World by Arme

Welcome to My World

Idea/Conception: Arme

Writer: Xexilia Zajac

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About Welcome to My World


  About a year ago--in 2012--I met and befriended Arme, another artist and writer.  We devolped a fast, solid bond and friendship. . .but Arme soon began to tell me of problems with wrist pain, her hands sometimes going fully numb as a result.

  Arme was both depressed by this development and overloaded from ideas; She told me she had a story she wanted to write, by physically, couldn't manage the long hours of typing.  In an effort to cheer and aid her, I offered to take notes of all her ideas--and compose it into a "light" novel for her.  This way, Arme could tell her story--and rest her hands.


  The entire story of Welcome to My World is solely made up of Arme's ideas; I literally just strung them all together and organized them into the story.  I had and claim no creative contribution to the story, only the technical aspect of the writing itself; All the ideas, elements, plot points, settings, decisions--Arme made all of those.  I just wrote it down for her.


  The story is actually very different from what I'd usually write, do, and where the plot goes; Welcome to My World is science ficition, for example--which I don't write much of.


 At current, Arme has yet to release the full story, and while it still needs a few edits, it's finished, so please be patient while waiting for Arme to release the full story.


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