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Eternity Concepts; Act 3: 2AM Tea and Talking

  The ​Would You Believe. . .? lines are a nod to Get Smart​, from the 1960's, and my all time favorite spy show.  Oddly, a few days ago I saw ​Jon Stewart pull a ​Get Smart​ in-joke on The Daily Show--the look on his face definitely implied he was surprised not many got how great the joke ​really ​was.  I understood it, but considering how many little Get Smart​ in-jokes I slipped in here or there, I think I'm going to feel that exact, same pain ._.

  Because Julian was sort of disconnected from others in his youth, I assumed he'd have taken to doing what I did in that situation; Sneaking up late at night to watch reruns.  Julian makes a lot of older show in-jokes that no body will get or notice.


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