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Eternity Concepts; Act 2: 1AM Visitation

  The first apperance of Maurice!

  I hate Maurice.

  Maurice is intended, by design, to be the least attractive girl I could muster; Too skinny, poor taste in clothes, an obnoxious personality, and some unfortunate facial features.  Because her hairstyle is different, though, her hair looks better from the nice high-lights.  Damn!


  Also, the coat she wears here is called a bolo coat; I personally feel like these things are a massive waste of a 1/3ed of a good coat, since they only come down as far as your armpits.  They look difficult to get in and out of, don't go with most anything (Unless you wear a lot of fancy dresses to fancy parties, which are sometimes sold or paired with these coats.)  Like a lot of women's clothing, I wonder if the person who made it didn't secretly--or openly--hate women.


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