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Corel Painter 12


  This is the first image in years I made in Corel; I like Corel a great deal better than Photoshop and I don't get why it's dropped out of popularity with artists in recent years.  The fact I can make stuff that looks like real materials, and use materials together that you normally couldn't, it enough to keep me entertained forever.


  This has a lot of Suza Scalora's work influencing the garden; I love her fantasy photographs dearly and was a big fan of her faerie's book when it came out.

  Sailormoon obviously influced Julian's apperance; I was thinking a lot about Helios, for some reason, that day.  Julian doesn't normally have (Or will ever have) a unicorn horn, but it's significance will make sense much, much later.


  Julian's loincloth is just that; A piece of clothing.  A roommate saw this and teased me that this was a furry image; It isn't.  The lioncloth is supposed to be furry in and of itself, as some pieces of clothing are, but Julian is not supposed to be or represent a furry or furry character.  This site is not the place for that, so look elsewhere if this disappoints you greatly.


  I made this with inks in Corel Painter.


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