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About the Artist

Xexilia Zajac

Writer and Artist of Eternity Concepts, Web Designer

Name: Xexilia Zajac
Age: 28
​Relationship Status: In a Relationship
​Favorite Manga Artists: Kaori Yuki, Naoko Takeuchi, Rumiko Takahashi, Chiho Saito
​Favorite Anime Series: Serial Experiments: Lain, The Wallflower
​Major Artistic Influences: Manga, anime, neo-classical, da Vinci
​Music of Choice: Alternative, experiential, techno
​Quriks: OCD, word aphasia*
Dislikes: Violence, gore, pointless online arguments
​Likes: The Renaissance, generally nice/friendly people, animals, art, reading
​Favorite Animals: Bunnies, Bats, Cats
​Collections: Stuffed animals, Halloween stuff
Pretend We're Close, Personal Friends On:

Biography:  Hello, I'm Xexilia, but most people call me 'X' since Xexilia is too confounding to pronounce.  I'm 27, born in 1984, and am a Ukrainian-American.  You can send me birthday wishes on the 28th of December.

  I created ​Eternity Concepts​ from an idea I got back in 1999, and immediately began to design the characters and do story research.  Because of a host of medical conditions I have, progress on the manga always halted after a few months, due to illness.  

  I live with my awesome-sauce boyfriend, and our two cats!  I love them all to bits *A*

 I also live with a medical condition called Endometriosis, in stage 2 of four, as of the surgery some years back.  This means that, monthly, I get extremely sick and tired, and may sleep for a solid 24-hours.  I try to warn readers via the updates for when this happens, on the off chance I'll sleep all day or need to get emergency medical care.  I'm undergoing treatment for the condition, which so far hasn't been working out as planned.  At current, I am working with doctors to get surgery to halt the condition, but have not had a lot of luck, due to my age and the consquences of the surgery itself.

 I enjoy researching the paranormal, and have been published in a magazine on such topics, with an article on local paranormal activity.  I also ghost-wrote for a good amount of time, writing articles for people, places, and purposes I'm not legally able to discuss (But if I could, you'd better very​ surprised by some of the clients I had!)  At any point in time, on a wide variety of sites, an article you read could have very well been written by me--on a huge variety of topics.  

Awards That Aren't Terribly Impressive:
Virginia Youth Art Award
Lifetouch Nationals Grand Prize (Layout/Design)
Lifetouch Nationals Grand Prize (Layout/Design)
Lifetouch Nationals First Place (Layout/Design)

 I've won a few awards over the years, none of which are terribly impressive.  I dislike competing, and every award I won was from being entered into contests without me being aware (Usually by a teacher.)  As an adult, I have no awards, because no one's sneaking my work into such events without my knowledge, and I don't feel like competing is very good for artists.


  I have word aphasia; What this means is when I speak or even type, words I did not intend to use or same come out instead of the intended.  Everyone has this to some degree, but for me, it's extremely frequent and can cause people to get upset or offended.  A lot of people assume this is what I wanted to say but just changed my mind; This is not the case.  Often, I am aware I said the wrong word, and will keep going, in speech, in an effort to ignore the error.  This is a symptom of a medical condition, and one of the toughest parts of it is when people decide to point out these errors, as it makes them feel intelligent to point out others mistakes.  If you speak to me, or write to me, and I say something odd--the odds are very good this is not what I intended to say.  Sometimes these "replacement" words are close--or the opposite--of what I was thinking to say, and can cause some people to get very upset.  Please, do not conclude this is some kind of Fredian slip, nor should you assume I am out to offend you.  This is never the case, and it's very difficult to get people to understand this.



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