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MangaStudio 4 Tutorial

MangaStudio 4 Tutorial

  MangaStudio 4 is the newest thing in making manga (Or comics), and makes the process a breeze.  A lot of people use it, but many more who own the program don't​ because it seems so daunting at first.  Others feel too overloaded from learning other​ programs to learn something new; After all, learning Photoshop is something they teach in college classes​, which, for a brand-new beginner, can be a long process.  Won't learning a new program be just​ as a big of a pain in the ass?


  Well, ​no​; I went through the pain ​for​ you.  MangaStudio's own, internal documentation isn't the best; It's wording isn't the most friendly, and it tends to go on and on about each feature, instead of telling you what you want to know; How do you make a manga page in this progrm, with tones, text, panels, etc?

  After a lot of reading and experimenting, I turned to the internet; While it was​ when MS4 had ​just​ come out, many of the tutorials I found weren't in English, or written by someone who didn't have the best grasp on the language.  In short, the information I found was patchy and poorly-phrased; Why, I wondered, didn't there exist a simple, from beginning to end, tutorial for this program.


  Well, I thought, once I figure this damn thing out​, I can teach it to others; But it's been a while since I taught panels.  And being a program, teaching this in person wouldn't help people much; If you're like me, you'll learn this by doing the steps along with it.  Making an online tutorial seemed like the best course.


​Your Basic Materials


  •   Manga Studio 4
  • ​finished script
  • Character designs*
  • A means of publishing your comic (On or​ offline)


  *You can skip these if you like; If you know the designs by heart, you don't have to keep them in sight to re-create them again and again.


  For the purposes of this tutorial, I'm going to pretend you want to do online publishing, with the possibility of printing the comic if such a thing became to be.  Why?  Because that's​ how I do mine; There's always​ other methods to archive the same, or better, results, and there's no set, one way to make manga or comics.

  Next, The Script.



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