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2018, Year of Resuming

"So, on November 11th at about 10:30AM, Winston's cat, Iggy, went to Heaven.  We stayed with him the whole time, kept him calm, and sang and petted him to sleep.  I let him bite my hand one last time and hoped he'd leave a permeate scar I could always remember him by."

  The above is why I haven't posted an update on the blog or my dA page; I just haven't had the heart to remove the deep heartache that while it hurts, it reminds me of how much I love Iggy; My hand didn't scar, and as time goes on and I become more functional, the more it hurts.  I feel as if I should mourn forever.

  Of course, that's the curse of being an artist; To preform your best work, you can never let those emotional wounds heal.  You're always tearing off the scabs and pouring in the lemon juice and salt, keeping the emotions and pain raw and fresh to work from.  It's no surprise depression is a huge issue.


  I've also been trying to update the look of the website; A few years ago I wanted to change it, but with my health and stress, it just hasn't been happening.  Since the current style isn't working for me, I may need to relaunch the site, which means re-adding all the damned comic pages.  It's a shame, because I really just want to edit one or two things on this layout, so I'm hoping I can salvage it.

  I'm also launching sites to separate out my work; Right now everything is sort of crammed up in this one site, and really I need a portfolio site, one with my writing, one for the comic, a shop site, etc.

  Finally, I'm finishing up my education in becoming a legally licensed tattoo artist!  That's been consuming most of my time, but it will pay the bills, which I've never expected nor wanted Eternity Concepts to do:  While I could and do sell some things related to it, I don't want EC to be a comic that stops because its not making money.  I realize it's been on a break for a few years due to falling in love, surgeries, and continued health issues with my spine, but when it goes on break, it's because I say it does; Not because of an editor, sales, etc.  I watched a lot of my friends on other comic sites do all they could to get their comics monetized, only to be shocked that when readership went down, they stopped getting paid.  Having been doing webcomics since 1998/1999, I was more shocked by my peers not knowing this, but with internet age comes wisdom.  Plus, it's just basic math and business strategy; No one is going to pay you to keep making something no one is buying.  This applies to every industry, not just the arts.  No job is 100% secure.

  Tattooing allows me to be creative without burning out on comics, and puts my germaphobia to good use.  Right now I'm not working out of a shop, but once I am, I'll post on social media and if you ever find yourself nearby, you can meet me, get a tattoo, and a limited edition copy of the first printing of Eternity Concepts volume 1!!!!


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