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WTF happened to X?!


  Hey guys!  It's been ages since an update, I know, and I'm super sorry about it.  Here's what's been happening:

  • Enrolling back into college classes for my fine arts degree: I know it's odd that in this day and age some of us are still focusing more on fine (or traditional) art than digital--especially since I do a huge amount of digital work, including most of the comic and it's illustrations!  What gives?  Traditional is my first love; And my school lacks classes or a degree in digital art.  The degree I am getting will allow me to transfer to a school that does offer digital art classes and studies, however.
  • I am allergic to something, and what, I do not know: About two months ago, I thought I had developed a cold. Two months later, I am still sneezing, coughing, and having a daily runny nose.  I stopped doing any kind of art, as in the past when I worked while sick, I found an ill timed sneeze can cover your page--which you spent several hours on--in snot.  And there's nothing on the market for removing mucus from paper--I think.  I hope.
  • I'm just not being terribly social these days: I'm easily reached via Twitter, though!
  • A lawsuit: Remember how I lost my home?  The landlords of that home are suing me for an unusually high amount of money (That doesn't add up for rent or what have you--so what or why this cost has occured, I am unaware.)  I'm finding a lawyer, trying to untangle why they're suing me (Or rather, my family, as a family member co-signed on the lease), and trying to figure out how I can fix this.  Odds are I won't be able to, but the nice upside is, even if I lose the suit and incur a little more debt (Which I have way less of than the average American), is that it includes my ex, who defaulted on paying the rent to begin with, will also have this on his credit report.  So, there's always a silver lining to everything!
  • Exercising: My health insurance just began offering those under their plan free gym memberships!  Since I was raised by military, neurotic, health nuts, this appeals to me greatly, because for the past two years I've been looking for a gym I can afford to join that also has a pool--and found I could only get one or the other.  My gym is nearly 45 minuets away, but it has heated therapy pools with water treadmills--which are INSANELY AWESOME!!!!  They have to limit the use of them for 45 minuets, and trust me, they fly by in no time.  You don't feel like you're working out, but relaxing in a heated pool as you walk at your own pace.  I'm nuts, so I turn the treadmill up to a run or jog.  I'm doing this since, after my surgery, I noticed my knees have been really weak when standing up.  After one session, my knees no longer hurt when I stand!  So, the gym is awesome.
  • Yoga!  I'm enrolled in a yoga class--actually, two.  It helps my back.  One of my classes is more optional--but the other isn't, and I had to pay to enroll in it.  So every Monday night, I will be busy with yoga for a bit.
  • Painting; Did you know I'm not just a painter, but a museum featured, award winning painter?  I am, it's true (As arrogant as it sounds, it's very true--and yes, I can prove this claim.)  I've been playing with paint again and having a grand time.  I enjoy painting since it requires a lot of thought and patience; You can draw out an entire image quickly, but not paint it.  You have to wait for things to dry, layer them for texture, and so on.  Since it's not a speedy process, I find painting to be pretty relaxing, and a good way of making myself feel like some kind of artistic genius.  I dunno what it is, but wildly painting on whim like a mad man in front of a canvas, gives me some kind of rush that my creation, however it looks, is perfect in it's own, unique way.  I don't get this from drawing, I dunno why, but it's one of the things I talk to my therapist about.
  • It turns out the estrogen meds I was taking?  Weren't working!  My liver has ceased to convert the chemical in them into estrogen--which is a fun trick that would have been helpful, I dunno, years ago--so after my doctor and I finally put this together, since I was getting some, but not all, of the estrogen, so I wasn't presenting obvious symptoms, he moved me back onto estrogen patches.  These by-pass the liver entirely, so I'm finally leveling out.  I expect it'll still be a week or two before I'm back to normal.
  • Jewelry; I like to make it, and I dunno why.  I've been making a bunch for no real reason.  I guess I should make an etsy shop or something, but I've never really thought about doing it to sell, just as a hobby.
  • And lastly; My therapist had a baby.  Until she returns to work, therapy is on hold.


  So, I'm sorry; I realize the comic has fallen behind as a result of my unexpectedly busy summer.  Since I'm taking drawing classes for my degree, though, progress should pick up again soon--since nothing makes me want to work on my comic more than being forced to draw 200 charcoal still-life's of fruit and a statue!

  I'll also be online more, since I have two online classes; However, that means when I am, I may not be able or willing to respond until 'class' is over for the day.  If you contact me and don't hear back quickly, that's why.


  So, bad as it may be, this is my explaination.  I will be back soon, so don't fear; EC is forever!



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