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School, Cats, Instagram, Flu

  Hey everyone; I'm updating to, once again, explain the lack of updates.

  Firstly; You actually will see stuff if you follow me on Instagram (Which I've had for ages but never used), Tumblr, or Twitter.  I tend to take photos of stuff I'm working on, products not yet available to the public for Eternity Concepts, and my beloved cats (And lunches, of course!)  This includes photos of places where I live, and even other kinds of art you may not realize I create, like sewing, jewelry, and large paintings (Painting is the work I've had featured in a museum, as opposed to say, my line art.)

  Secondly; I caught the flu to end all flus.  Each day I've been getting worse and worse, to the point I got concerned my appendix may've burst (Which doctor's tell me will happen, they just don't know when, as it happened to my direct sibling, which basically means, according to them, I'm "guaranteed" to have my own go bad as well.)  Luckily my symptoms don't match that, and all I can figure is, being older and still recovering from having such a bad immune system for so long, when I get flus, they hit extra hard now.  Instead of being sick for about 3 days (As a teen), to a week (In my twenties), now it's going on two solid weeks of consistent illness ;A;  Everyday I wake up feeling exactly the same, or worse, than the day before.

  Still, I'm dragging my ass to school (Mind you, a face mask, constant hand washing, and hand sanitizer is all being used), and trying to get assignments done.  It's not easy, but I got lucky as we have a major snow storm.  While it bought me a day, I have class later on today ;A;

  I'm still trying to add gym time to all of this, which the snow has fouled up for me royally XD

  I am, however, working on some illustrations, though first and foremost will be one of Iggy, Winston's cat, which may become a painting (And I think more and more will be.)  I'm taking lots of photos trying to get good references 8D


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