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Act 7!



  I just spent an hour or three uploading, updating, and adding to the archives, loads of new pages!  The site last updated near the end of Act 5--now we're nearing the end of Act 7!


  Also, don't forget to check out the first volume on Amazon--with a special ten page story not found anywhere else!--and my Paetron! *A*




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Winston (Programmer!)

Nuriko (Made a person!)

jamie makes Lavender Legend

rc makes GynoStar

roryseviltwin is in hiatus D:

kc speaks the truth

Sarah writes scary stories

Cory makes Planet Barfly

jab makes a lot of comics

Loom and Erin are making Vampire Fetish

*Surprised to find out we're buds?  Well, dude, we must've talked and you must've been pretty cool.  How awesome is it to be you today?!


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