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I'm Alive and Pages Soon

  Hello everyone!  Yes, I am alive, Iggy's alive, Winston, Vincent--we're all alive!  Iggy is still battling cancer and I ask you to send happy thoughts, prayers, spells of healing, or focus positive energy at Iggy; I 100% believe it's making a huge difference for him, and I'm so thankful to everyone in the art community who has been aiding with this, as there's more than I thought I would ever reach--thank you all so much!


  Since my last update I discovered I was signed up at another convention which I found out the day before the convention.  Neither of us is sure if there was just a massive communication/email problem, or if someone else signed me up for me o_o. According to them, that's not unusual?  I'm sorry to anyone who may have expected me there D8


  I've also spent the entire last year in college classes, and after this semester I'm taking off spring and summer until next fall, as I feel a bit burned out (Though I have a great GPA and get to take honors classes!).   However, my art burn out is over!  I finally wanna draw again!  Huzzah!


  This time I'll do my best not to burn myself out.  I'm going to update twice weekly on Monday and Friday, beginning in January 2017.

  Until then, I have a full college semester to focus on and my free time will be aimed at drawing pages!!!  


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