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I'm CONSIDERING the idea of reducing the amount of pages I update with a week; I currently update three times a week, which is much more often than most of the other artists o_o When I started webcomics in the 90's (Remember, this actually IS as retro a comic as it appears, at 17 years old), updating three times a week was the standard in webcomics. Most manga-style comics only updated once a week, and I hated it, so I always aimed to update more.

HOWEVER, I'm experiencing what's known as burn--out; This means I've been doing pages so much, so often. . .I've begun to feel over-worked, under-appreciated, and to not get excited to draw that next page. This sucks--I do this because I LOVE drawing a page. When I'm in this mood, which has lasted the last two years? I dunno when it will end o_o

Usually, this is when I would completely stop the comic, have a identity crisis, change the art, and decide my new art is so awesome, the old stuff must be hidden forever. As a result, this alone is why the comic has lasted 17 years, and never progressed as far as it has now.

The problem is--I dunno how to end this crisis of mine o_o I've never successfully gotten out of it with my work in tact, and I'm actually seeing a therapist about it (Though my therapist seems a lot more interested in ex's.) Do I need a vacation? Do I need to just keep at it even though I'm not having too much fun?

If you have ideas, please tell me XD


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