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So hi! 8D


Okay so I know I sort of appeared to disappear. Here's what I was doing: 

  • Making pages and updating them to InkBlazers and Tapastic
  • Getting more domain names that all lead here.  If you came from gothcomics, artisdeadcomics, or Gothique Occulta--welcome! XD
  • Creating cool glow in the dark cell phone charms
  • Releasing the first ever volume of Eternity Concepts with a special, extra, ten page story about Julian and Hollow's first ever encounter, called The Bookstore Incident!
  • Preparing for Ravencon!  That's this weekend!


  Since I'll be behind the table for three straight days, I hope to find some time to update the official site--there's three more chapters that aren't here yet o_o  I'm not updating as the convention starts very soon and I'm somewhat busy (And stressed out.)

  See you there!


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