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  Do you have a webpage, web presence, or so on that you'd like to use to direct visitors to this site from?  Do  you want a image to link with?  Well, you've come to the right place; Below is every single f#$king button and banner​ that ​every single site Eternity Concepts is listed on requested.  Since the idea of standard button sizes flew out the window at some point, almost every site had it's own, special, weird, specific measurements for.  And, as a result, there's a lot to choose from.

  But, it all links to the same place​:

Please do not​ link around​ the Warning page!!!!  No, seriously; I mean it!

  To put it frankly; When you make a manga, comic, anime, book, or whatever, talking about subjects like homosexuality?  ​Some people​ get angry about it--​real angry​--and go out of their way to make sure you know this; Many of these same people see the warning page and enter the site ​for the purpose​ of getting angry and sending a 'Repent Now and You Shall Be Forgiven' type e-mail.  A lot more will settle for leaving one or two ambiguous but insulting remarks.  But they all​ saw the warning page and made the choice​ to see the contents of the site.  And because of it, I can make fun of them all day long for all sorts of things, but mainly, entering a site that warned them they wouldn't like it, only to get angry that they don't.  At that point, no one aside for them​ can be held accountable.  And, generally, when you point out to a religious fanatic that they're sort of gay for intentionally entering a website warning them it had homosexual-coupling images on there?  They never reply to you again.

  So when people link around​ the handy-dandy warning page?  People don't get warned.  And when people wander in, blindly, to something that, if they'd known about, they would do anything to avoid?  They get a lot more​ upset and angry--and rightfully so.  Think about it; ​Most things today​ have some sort of age or discretion warning.  We rate movies, television shows, musical lyrics, video games, and, yes; Even some types of books and other printed material.  And while a lot of people got pissed off about those warnings?  Some people need them and use them; While most everyone hated the 'CONTAINS EXPLICIT LYRICS' warning on music, a lot​ of smart parents use it to keep their kids from hearing stuff they maybe shouldn't--at least not without the adult listening and deciding it for themselves.  And now, parents who don't?  Are often considered bad parents for not taking more interest.

  And it's the same with this website; It's up to the reader to read that warning--which no one can force them to do--before entering, and not to complain if they get upset from what they find inside.  It's up to the reader to decide if​ that kind of content upsets them, and there's a safe, happy, family-and-work-safe-link people can click on if it does.  But when they never see​ that warning?  It's hard to blame them for being upset; I​ get upset if I watch a show with a lot of gore without warning, and I expect some people who really hate the sort of things I'm talking about?  Get just as upset.  I may not agree with their view; But I know what it feels like to get surprised by something in some format that is ​very disturbing​ to someone for some reason.  I hate when it happens to me, and I don't want to be a part of the problem; So please, please, ​please ​don't link to anywhere on this site EXCEPT!!!


  Because so many people are fond of ignoring this anyway; Anyone who complains to this​ site about being horribly offended will be referred to the owner ​of the site who linked to us ​that they used, if it's found it links around​ the warning page; And, yes.  It's very​ easy to tell if someone isn't.  No one will contact you ​from this site​ asking you to change the link; But if visitors coming from​ your site complain to me?  I'll just refer them back to you.  I know it's mean; But so is sending me angry people* D:


*I apologize for the rant, but a lot of people are doing this!  It's not cool!  Stop it!





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