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  There's plenty of sites we like, use, or reference often.  To pay them due respect and introduce more users to them, we're providing direct links here!

  If for any reason you find your site/blog/whatever linked or listed and want it removed, we will honor this without question; Simply notify us via the Report a Problem page.


Social Art Sites

  • DeviantArt: Without a doubt the most well know artist network on the internet.  Artist or viewer, all are welcome and encouraged to make accounts on deviantArt, which are free, and allow for a fair amount of customization.  
  • inkOUTBREAK: A newer, lesser known, up-and-coming means of social networking to your favorite online comics.  Membership is free and great as it allows viewers and readers to "follow" comics and have a link-ready list in their account of these titles.  The front page also updates with comics banners as they update daily!


Comic/Manga Listing Sites

  • The Web Comic List: (​This is not a voting link or site we are on​)  While we are no longer listed due to our site's policy's conflicting with our user system, we still really like the people over at the Web Comic List (And before anyone e-mails them or submits our comic for listing, please don't: We didn't have a fight about it, everyone was very nice, it's simply a policy conflict and we've been invited to rejoin if we change our policy.  Please don't submit our comic and make them think ill of us!)  If you have a comic yourself, this is a good place to list it (However, their policy doesn't work with sites like our own where you need to make an account to view any part of the comic; Again, we discussed our policy with them and they understand why we do it, and we understand why it gives them a problem linking to us, so if this is your set up, be aware this is against their policy.)
  • Top Web Comics: (​This is​ a voting link and we are on this site) The old favorite of linking and voting sites, this site uses a pretty standard format of listing the 'Top' 50 comics and allowing users to vote on any comic they find the link for.
  • Comic Rank: (​This is​ a voting link and we are on this site​)  Simular in style and format to most voting sites, this seems to be a newer up-and-comer.  Xexilia thinks their buttons and logo is cute, so she listed us there.


Other Webcomics/Comics/Manga

  We'll be honest; It's been a while since we've really delved back into webcomics.  Since we're having trouble finding sites like this, we encourage you to e-mail us and submit your site for consideration!

  While we're having a hard time finding sites to link to, we don't always link without asking; Sometimes some of our favorite comics never reply to our asking, others we didn't ask but have linked (And will remove if​ asked), so we're in a weird quandary.  If you thought you were going to be linked here, make sure you've replied​ to any e-mail contact we've sent; Once we ask, we ​will not​ link to a site until we get their blessing.  If you want​ to be, send us a link to your work and check back to see if you made the list!



  • Road Waffles: This the longest running online comic we're familiar with; Starting way back in 1999, Road Waffles is a fun, pencil comic detailing the adventures of Haley, a woman robbing gas stations at gun point, Bruno, the gas station employee who gets quickly into Haley's life and plans for a lack of own, and a whole host of other characters (Including our personal favorite, Elegiea.)  Occasional gore and violence aside, Eight is a fantastic story teller and artist; This comic is worth every second you read.
  • Cat and Girl: Reminiscent of zine comics and style is Cat and Girl, an odd-ball comic that is exactly what it sounds like: A cat and a girl.  Typically fueled with more underground references and anti-corporate arguments, this cute comic blasts past it's first appearance in a big way, avoiding typical cutesy opportunities in favor of making valid arguments on present day society problems.  Read to satisfy your starved craving for intellectualism.
  • Gunshow: Always weird and always funny, is Gunshow, a title no one should risk missing.
  • Anime Club: Brought to you by the same artist of Gunshow, is Anime Club.  Is it sad he captured these clubs perfectly?


  • Sinfest: Among the longest running webcomics.  Starting in 2000, the joke is constantly on the viewer; Mature audiences are recommended, as younger audiences are more likely to misinterpret the work as straight-offensive or shock-value when it's really a lot more (And not really offensive if you have a sense of humor about yourself.)  If you can't handle your faith having some humor poked at it, steer clear, and the same applies for gender (While there are sexist characters, the comic itself​ isn't and tends to have these characters get one-uped in the end.)
  • Gyno-Star: This is a fairly new webcomic series about Gyno-Star, the feminist superhero who fights sexism, but still turns wide-eyed with unicorns in the room.  This comic is political in nature and should be avoided by Republican's, pro-lifers, and other such groups (Actually, so should this​ site.)
  • White Ninja Comics: This weird, off-beat comic is just plain silly, no two ways about it.  Drawn in a simple style, the comic tends to remind of comics drawn and passed around discreetly under desks and school: Except now, no one sends you to the principals office when you're caught reading it (We hope.)


  • Doctor Cat: A sickeningly cute comic about, no joke, a cat who is also a doctor.  This comic is well worth the read to undo the daily horrors you encounter after reading the news or at a day of work; Consider it therapy for the part of your brain that wants you to be happy.


  • Tiny Kitten Teeth: A webcomic drawn in a style (Possibly painted, by the looks of it) familiar to many from childhood story books; This often trippy style also gives hints of 1940's and 60's influences, long forgotten but still existent in thrift stores across the country.  This neo-nostalgia has a fascinating backdrop against it's story line, which is much more serious and mysterious than the art would have you guess.


  We're still looking for great titles of manga; Don't hesitate to send suggestions (Even of your own work!)


  • ThemaoR: "Ripper has been bodysnatched. It sucks, but it happens sometimes. It sucks even more if your soul decided it’s dead and is now stuck in Limbo. Add in a wannabe sky-pirate, a sort-of-zombie and an elf with a hidden agenda, and you get some mighty adventures!" by Roryseviltwin
  • Witchprince: "Princes, princesses, drama, romance, magic. And frogs, lots of frogs." by Roryseviltwin


Artist Sites

  Sometimes one artist makes too many comics or manga for us to link them all seperately--it'd eat up the page.  Thankfully, many of them have made personal sites linking to or providing all said work.

  • PinkSnowBunny​Josh Lesnick​, author of ​Wendy and ​Girly​.  Josh is one of the few artists who injects frequent humor into his stories (Comics?  Manga?  Both?) and has been actively making webcomics since before the internet  ​even got invented​.  (​We're lying.  --HCS.)


Other Sites Entirely

  We use the internet for research more than anything else, so a lot of these links are more of a biblography than not.


  • Wikipedia: Despite it's margin for error, Wikipedia is most often a sole source, or main source, of much information we get (Despite us finding several articles with incorrect, out of date information or just plain 'vandalism', as Wikipedia likes to call it.)  Most of the time this source is reliable, providing links to back up it's own information sources.


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