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Personelle Files

  For the ease of the Agency, personnel and surveillance records are organized in several forms.


  Name/Name = Marriage or Union Producing Offspring                   +Name = Highest Level of Authority

  #. Name = Offspring of Above, in order of birth              ++Name = Highest Level of Authority at Location

  #a. Name = Offspring of Above Offspring in Family Tree    ---Name = Subordinate to the Above Named

  #. Name = Deceased

By First Appearance By Genetic Relationship

Julian Skyy (First appears in Act 1, pg. 1)

Ezra Evanlight  (First appears in Act 1, pg. 2)

​Hollow Sonear (First appears in Act 1, pg. 12)

Maurice Danato (First appears in Act 2, pg. 8)

Maria Skyy  (First appears in Act 3, pg. 3)









Father/Mother------Skyy Family

  1. Julian Skyy (Male)

  2. Maria Skyy (Female)


Father/Mother------Evanlight Family

  1. Ezra Evanlight (Male)


Father/Mother------Sonear Family

  1. Hollow Sonear (Male, Adopted, Estranged)


Father/Mother------Danato Family

  1. Maurice Danato (Female, Abandoned)


Employees of Sacred Heart Cathedral Adoptive Family Records

In order of Power and Position:

+The Vatican

++Father Crosbare (Local Archdiocese Bishop)

---Father Mallory (Supervisor of Personnel)

----Father Evanlight (Human Resources and Personnel)

-----Father Lesthin (Public Relations, Host of Mass)

-----Father Cooks (Cook)

-----Father Lemaître (Host of Mass)

-------Father Skyy (Gardener)


Father/Mother-------Raintree Family

  1. Beautrice Raintree (Female)

    1a. Unnamed Child

  2. Katrina Raintree

  3. Hollow Raintree (Adopted, Now Estranged)


Father/Mother---------Sonear Family

  1. Hollow Sonear (Legal Guardian)

    1a. Maurice Danato (Legal Charge)



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