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Sketching the Page

​Sketching the Page


  Your goal is to sketch, with as much or as little detail as you feel you need, the entire​ page.  Using your script, go from a start (Or the start), and try to imagine the finished page itself as you read sentence by sentence.  You might want to include a lot​ of text, which will mean you'll need to leave ​room​ for that; Consider this greatly, as it sucks to lose large chunks of art to a word bubble.

    Your natural urge will probably be to include a lot​ of things per page; Perhaps 11 or more sentences.  Depending on your spacing and how careful you are, this can work.

  However, you'll probably get surprised by the fact this becomes to busy, too fast, and you'll more likely be using about four​ sentences.  Consider the fact that jamming a lot of text means leaving out imagry, which is pretty important for manga, which tends to move just a little slower than the typical comic in terms of pacing; Slight movements, a look on someone's face, etc. tend to be the money shots in manga, or in other words, show up often and get glorified; It's to give the reader a little more sense of the characters, in my opinion.  If you were to flip through ​Ah! My Goddess​, for example, you'd notice a ​lot of big​ shots and images of the wind blowing someone's hair and cloths, a smile, eyes, so forth.  It also goes without saying this is mainly as these are action-less, so to speak; Many main stream comics are entirely driven by the action genre (Super heros), so there's less images of smiles and more of fight scenes.  It's the nature of the genre you choose, as well as personal choice; You can do this, all of it, anyway you damn please.




  Someone once asked me this question during a manga class I taught, I felt like my answer sucked​.  They asked about how long, exactly, between each panel to the next?  A few seconds?  Minuets?  How did I pick?

  And to this day, ​I have no idea​.  Reading the script, and seeing the page, kind of allows it to break up naturally in my mind; But I'm also a layout and design person, and I've been making comics with panels since I was in 5th grade.  I picked it up, somewhere, and I don't recall the process, and I can't explain why, exactly, I pick the pacing I do.  There's just sort of a natural flow you'll pick up on as you read and envision it, I hope, because it's the best I can provide.

  As for the exact time between exact panel, I never think about it.  If there is​ an incidence with a time jump, I tend to inform the reader directly.


  Next, Installing the Panels.


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