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Make a New Layer

Make a New Layer


  Make a new layer; You need to have the layers menu open (View/Window to Layer Menu), and search for a funny little icon at the bottom of it.  It should tell you by hovering your mouse over the icons.

  The image is of the standard options; As this layer ​is​ your sketch layer, feel free to mark this in the options, but it makes little difference--no one will see this​ layer in the end result.


  The display color is really up to you; I don't make color manga or comics, so I can't help you there.  It's also way​ more expensive to print, so consider why you see few.

  The blue colored button, saying 'Atlernative color of black', will only replace all black with that button ​if you click it​.  I believe it turns back if you click it again; Knock yourself out.  The purpose of this is the long result of the blue pencil, a topic I cover elsewhere. Work with it if you please.


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