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A Page

  A Page


      To the left is a blank page, open and ready to go.  Make sure you keep your script handy, too.  You need it every step of the way.


  Again, the blue box is the area that counts​; If you draw or do anything outside​ this, it either won't show now, or, if ever printed, risks being cut clean off.  You can make this area bigger, but it's really best to leave it be.  This means you, or a printer, don't have to worry about cutting off part of the artwork to give everything a matching margin, or the fact the image many not fit on the page; You can crop of ​the extra on the edges​, known as the bleed​.  Leave the bleed​ alone.

  Now, for this article, I'm going to assume you have some basic graphic design knowledge; You can draw, you can get said drawing onto the computer, and you know what most​ of the tools in the tool bar do.  You know what the pen tool is, right?  The magic wand?  How to copy and paste?  What resize​ means?  Good.


  For those who are curious, or just very neurotic on following examples exactly, here are the additional page details.  You can see it's nothing weird or special.


  Now; Make sure the tool menu is out.  It makes life easier.  Hopefully not all the icons are new to you.

  I think most people open the program and look for the tones to start screwing around with; Not seeing them, they give up quickly.  What's unhelpful is, the tones aren't​ listed in that tools menu.  To see the tones, go to Window or View and select ​Materials Manager.  You'll need these sooner than you think.

  Next, Make a New Layer.


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