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The Script

The Script



  Writing an entire​ script can seem daunting, I know.  I know you're telling yourself the script is in your head​, so that counts, right? You know​ what you want​ to happen; Why waste​ time writing it all down?

  The problem is the time between you ​having​ a great idea and putting all​ of it in a manga form.  Even if you had a great idea and began to draw it then​, you'd be working for days straight to get out all the pages before you forgot​ something, even the smallest detail. I know; You probably don't believe me.  Maybe you're telling yourself you're​ different.  So let me give a real example:

  I would be out doing my daily thing and suddenly a great idea for a plot would come to me; How hilarious!  How intelligent!  I can't forget to do that​.

  I'd go home and begin drawing out the idea; But the time adding ​words and text​ came around, I'd forgotten​ most of the dialog, which was kinda fucking important.  Dammit​, I thought, ​If I'd just ​written it down​ or something!

  Hence, why I sat my ass down and wrote the script.  I had lots of ideas; Some sucked, some were great, some I kept, many I trashed.  It took me two months to write the script for Eternity Concepts, which is about 700 pages; This was the result of two months of solid, ​day in day out writing​.  I was lucky to have that kind of time; Most don't.  Writing the script could take you longer or less; There's really no saying.


  I'll eventually put together a guide on writing itself, especially in a large capacity at once.  Now isn't the time; For now, let's assume you have a finished script and move on.  Just remember, don't skip this step​.

  Next, Opening Manga Studio 4 ; Making a New Story.


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